te-geri-girlTe-Geri® Fitness Kickboxing

Stress Reducing,


And Loads of Fun!

Te-Geri Fitness Kickboxing combines a no-nonsense, non-rhythmic, heavy bag workout with progressive resistance training, aerobics, and flexibility exercises that will melt away all that stress and totally rejuvenate your body and mind.  Plus, it’s all done with energizing music playing!  The result is a very popular upper and lower body workout that ‘s FUN  & burns calories in massive amounts as well as melt away all that stress!

Try the 8-week Te Geri Fitness Kickboxing Course offering a multifaceted resistance training and fitness kickboxing program.  If you are looking get in better shape, reduce stress, and feel better about yourself, then Te-Geri is for you. 

The best part is anyone can do it!  No matter what kind of shape you’re in, you will get results.Te-Geri Fitness Kickboxing is taught by Deborah Cavanaugh, a Master Taekwon-Do Instructor of over 40 years, and a certified Te-Geri Trainer who will get you into great shape.  We guarantee you’ll love the results!

 “I’ve done other exercises . . . But I’ve never experienced anything like this!  My metabolism has changed for the better, and being a borderline diabetic, my sugar numbers are phenomenal!  My husband and daughter compliment me on how great I look.  I can actually feel and see my body sculpting!”        

Katie R.,  Te-Geri Student

How do you get started?

Simple, give us a call today at 



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