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To make an appointment for children who are between the ages of ...

4-6 years old


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7 years old or older


Before you click the 'SUBMIT" button, please read the following information to better prepare you for your first lesson.


Wear loose fitting clothes such as sweat pants or warm-up pants and a T-shirt or sweat shirt.  Shoes don’t matter since we practice barefooted.



For ages 4 through 6

When you arrive, you will need to complete a New Student Analysis form (this will take only about 5 minutes).  After that we will escort you to the Class Room where you will take a 30 minute class in our Lil’ Dragon’s Class, structured exclusively for the 4 through 6 year old age group.  The Lil’ Dragons Program is a detailed curriculum that focuses on improving young school age children’s basic motor and listening skills.  The Lil’ Dragons curriculum consists of developing Eight Major Skills that are necessary for participation in any sport or activity: Focus, Teamwork, Control, Balance, Memory, Discipline, Fitness, and Coordination.


For 7 year olds and older

When you arrive, you will need to complete a New Student Analysis form (this will take only about 5 minutes).  After that we will escort you to the Introductory Class Room where you will take a 30 minute, private class  (or semi-private class if someone else has made an appointment for that day). You will learn Basic Martial Arts Techniques, including Kicks, Strikes, Blocks, and Stances.  You will also be taught about Martial Art Values such as respect, discipline, patience, confidence, and effort.



For ages 4 through 6

After class you will be given the opportunity to enroll in a one-month Trial Dragon’s Membership for $129.  This membership includes up to 3 classes a week and a free Lil’ Dragons uniform. 


For 7 year olds and older

After class you will be given the opportunity to enroll in a one-month Trial Membership for $149.  This membership includes unlimited classes and a free practice uniform.  We suggest that a student come to class a minimum of 2 days each week.


Thanks for enrolling and we’ll see you shortly

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Save big $$$ on your tuition simply by inviting your friends to WAMA!

Be a WAMA Taekwondo Ambassador! We value your family’s friendship.  We are sincerely grateful and honored that you have chosen us to help raise your kids.  We also know that there are a lot of other kids that could benefit from what we offer here.  Kids whose families you know from work, school, church, and many other places.  We want to attract more families like yours too.  This is why we created the WAMA Ambassador Program.  It is a referral program designed to attract quality people, like yourself to our school. It also allows our valued students to share their martial arts experience with their families and friends at a substantial saving!

 Here’s how it works–Every family you refer, will receive a One-Month Trial Membership at absolutely no cost!  Plus, a special discount will be available for any sponsored guest that qualifies for entry into our regular program.

In appreciation for your support you will receive a Special “Gift of Gratitude” for each sponsored guest that takes advantage of this opportunity.  Furthermore, if they enroll in our Basic Program, in exchange for your help, we will knock $10 off your monthly tuition for one entire year!  For every family you refer and who enrolls in a Basic Program, we’ll knock off an additional $10 for an entire year!

 I hope you agree that we have a great school, great instructors and staff, great students and families, AND that we do a lot of good too.  We provide an enjoyable and upbeat place to bring our families.  We teach kids how to be more respectful and courteous, how to do the right thing, how to focus, and how to be leaders among their peers.  Ultimately, our goal is to enhance their self-esteem and self-confidence.

 I hope you also agree that all of this is truly important in today’s society, which is unfortunately characterized in large part by an epidemic of obese kids, inactive and fixated on electronic computerized games.  Kids that are exposed to inappropriate actions and behaviors daily at school, on TV, and, yes, through the video games they play. And that’s why what we do here is so important.  We provide our kids a place to learn right from wrong, a family-centered environment with a positive message for our kids.  Our school is a place where they can make good friends and feel good about themselves. Once enrolled, your kids become our kids and your family becomes a part of our family.

 Ambassador Guest Cards are available at the Pro-Shop.  Please give them to people whom you think might benefit from and enjoy practicing Taekwondo.