“Hi Mr. C,  I can’t thank you enough for your letter of recommendation for Myles.  It was incredibly touching and brought me to tears as I read it.  He was so lucky to be a part of your program and team which encouraged him to grow and learn respect, motivation and pride.  We are eternally grateful for everything that you, your staff and instructors at WMA did for Myles throughout the years.

Your program is phenomenal and it gave Myles the opportunity to enhance his self-esteem, courage and confidence.  You gave him skills, experience, knowledge, trust and constant reassurance and encouragement that is absolutely priceless.  You have left an incredible impression on Myles and you have planted a seed that I continue to see grow and shine as Myles embarks on these new Chapters in his life.  Thank you for giving him this invaluable gift that will stay with him forever.  You are truly a God sent.”- Sue S., Mother

Attn:   Mr. and Mrs. C

 Hi you two.  I sure do miss watching your TKD classes.  As you know, Erin had won 9 awards when she graduated high school, including the Presidential and Maryland State Scholarship Awards.  She has now won a Senatorial Scholarship  at CSM (see attached letter).

I just wanted you both to know that you and your TKD classes have been a major contribution to Erin’s success in school because of the discipline, concentration, consideration for others  and goal setting that was taught to her at WAMA.  My advice to parents is that if you want to raise a child to be the child every parent wishes they had, the help, advice and values that you and your instructors instill in all your students, TKD at WAMA is where you should take them.

This thank you is way overdue but better late than never.

 “Grandma Pat”


A parent writes as one of our students goes off to college:
“Wanted to send you guys a note to thank you for everything you’ve done for Josh. As a parent, if you are lucky, once in a lifetime your child will be exposed to people or an experience that will change their lives forever. You have done that repeatedly for Josh, and I am eternally grateful.I brought you a shy kid, afraid to speak in public, struggling in school, trying to find himself. Through Tae Kwon Do and the ‘tenants of martial arts,’ you have touched Josh’s life, and the life of our family, in ways you will never know. My little boy he has grown into a young man with great morals, focus, and self-discipline. I frequently have people tell me what a great kid he is – and I immediately tell them its all thanks to you,  at Waldorf Action Martial Arts. You have an awesome program that not only teaches kids a martial art, but to use it responsibly. By teaching the kids this they learn focus and how to fit into today’s society. Whether you realize it or not, you are teaching not just Tae Kwon Do, you are teaching kids how to succeed in life.I wanted to ensure you knew just how much you are touching the young lives in our community. You may not know it – but you are making a difference in young people’s lives. I am proud to know you and I am forever in your debt.” – Mark M., Father

“Let me start off by simply stating this, “if you want to train or compete in Taekwondo, find a great way to get in shape, or build your self-confidence, discipline and respect, then Waldorf Action Martial Arts is the # 1 place in Southern Maryland to meet these needs, bar none!” There are lots of other martial arts studios out there, but WAMA is in a league of their own. Quite frankly, the finest instructors and program in the Southern Maryland area. When it comes to competition,this is a team that competes on a national level, one of the top producing academies for Taekwondo national champions in the United States. For those of you who know me, you understand that I would not just throw out the preceding statements frivolously. If you don’t know me, understand that I am a person that takes martial arts seriously. I am the father of two sons who between them, are two of the most highly decorated martial artists in the nation, combining for more than 250 awards to date, and the foundation of their abilities were instilled in them from this very academy. My sons compete on the national and World class levels, each holding several silver medals at the World Championships, and I can say without reservations that if it were not for the training, skills, support, knowledge, dedication, and love that they received while attending WAMA and being members of the WAMA competition team, that they would not be where they are today. I am a former martial arts student and competitor, and I have several years of coaching experience. Besides that, I am a fan of what martial arts provides to every age group, and I promote its benefits every chance I get. So it is without hesitation that I recommend WAMA as your only true option for martial arts training, especially if you are in the Waldorf, White Plains or La Plata areas. You will find a strong, family environment here, one that cares about its students and doesn’t just see another dollar walking through the door. So if you want to reap the benefits of what martial arts was intended to provide you or your child, or if you’re looking for the thrill of competition and you want high caliber training, then look no further, this is the answer! ”     Tony F.,  Father

A parent writes as one of our students goes off to college:

“Mrs. C – I hope you know I had tears as I wrote this.  It is with deep sadness that we do this.  You and Mr. C have become part of the family and Tae Kwon Do has shaped our son into what he is today and the lessons learned will carry him far in adulthood.  We are eternally grateful. You know the  apprehensions of having a son and what kind of man he will be, how he’ll make it through boyhood with all the pressures, challenges, and temptations.  You and Mr. C have not only taught him how to defend himself if needed, but respect for others and himself.  It’s challenging to raise a successful child and I truly believe we would not have been as successful without our community of friends and “family.”   MARILYN  W., Mother

 A college essay composed by one of our student’s. 

 “Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Indomitable Spirit

I will respect my seniors and instructors, my parents and my fellow students. I will never misuse Taekwondo.I will be a champion of freedom and justice.

I will build a more peaceful world.”

This is something I have said more times than I can count to. When you are seven years old repeating this over and over again, it really doesn’t have much meaning to you. Now almost 10 years later, I understand the true meaning of Taekwondo. It was never just a sport to me, it was a family, an escape, a learning experience.

Most kids never really ask to be put into Taekwondo, since unlike tradition sports (soccer, football, volleyball, lacrosse, etc.) it’s year round and not seasonal. This is a huge commitment. Some kids want to sign up because they want to learn how to kick, and punch. Yes, I was “that” kid. I loved being that girl that knew how to defend herself. Little did I know as the Cavanaugh’s were teaching me how to “kick and punch” they were also teaching me to believe in myself, to be a leader, and to never give up. These are all important qualities of a martial arts athlete, but more importantly these are important qualities any successful person will need in life. They never really told me “hey Jordan, were setting you up to be successful, were teaching you right from wrong in a way that’s fun to you.” But that’s exactly what they did.

After becoming a 3 time AAU National Point Fighting Champion and receiving my black belt, I will be the first person to tell you Taekwondo is not just a sport it’s a way of life. I was raised in an atmosphere that was unlike any other. I trained 4 to 5 days a week around people that I considered family. We all pushed each other, and never gave up. We had difficult times, and enjoyable times. Man, it really was the life. Literally, because that’s what life’s all about, getting through the rough times to enjoy the good times.

Learning qualities like, time management, determination, never give up until you reach your goals, at such a young age was very important. It taught me how to apply myself all throughout high school. It taught me how to manage my time wisely, and what a student athlete means. Being a student athlete means the student part comes first, my grades and being involved were always a big deal to me. I maintained a 3.0 accumulative GPA, as well as lettering in volleyball, and lacrosse. This is something I take much pride in. I spent time assisting in taekwondo classes. Not only were they teaching me martial arts, but teaching me to give back to my sport, and my community. I felt that in my studies of martial arts that I could help others grow as individuals as well. I also spent some time volunteering in the community as well as around my school. I spent time on my weekends going to Saint Peters Catholic Church working the food pantry with my grandparents. I was involved in other sports around my school, doing the announcements of soccer games, and stats to wrestling matches. I volunteered at my schools mulch sales fund raiser. It has been important to me to always be involved in my school and in my community.

Taking a seven year old child, and transforming her into a confident 17 year old is what taekwondo did to me. It made me who I am today, I wouldn’t be the confident, determined, and responsible girl I am without it. What I learned 10 years ago, I am still applying to my everyday life. In martial arts they say getting your black belt is just the beginning and that’s how I see graduating high school graduation. It’s just the beginning for me.

“The more I learn, the more I realize how much more I still have to learn. Taekwondo is a life long journey”

“My son’s experience has always been positive.  In addition to teaching martial arts, the instructors have also been supportive in the development of his character.  The instructors give a great deal of one-on-one attention (even when some of the classes are quite large).  The discipline that has been taught to Kalani (at Waldorf Action Martial Arts) will be with him the rest of his life.  The values that have been instilled (in Kalani), courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit–Gee, I even know them! –have helped him to be a better person.  One of the main goals we had hoped to achieve is to have Kalani be able to defend himself.  We can say with confidence, Waldorf Action Martial Arts has prepared him.  He has also learned how to deal with bullies.  We are also very grateful because he has a lot of self-confidence.  The camaraderie is wonderful among all the students.  It’s nice to have such a positive influence in one’s lives.  Thank you, Waldorf Action Martial Arts!”   Patty M., mother

“Chris has grown a lot with the Waldorf Action Martial Arts program.  He has learned (the value of) patience, hard work, and perseverance.  His self-control ha also improved and he is proud of his accomplishments.  Though he will probably never be great at any athletic pursuit, he can succeed in being better than he was yesterday and in knowing he can be even better tomorrow.”   Sharon P., mother

“Having Aaron share his experience with other students (through helping to teach) has been a great self-esteem builder.  It has taught him discipline both in the classes and the fact that he set a goal of Black Belt and then achieved that goal.   Great self-defense moves that reassure me he can protect himself in threatening situations.”   Vicki J., mother

“Participation in the (Waldorf Action Martial Arts) martial arts program has made Lauren more goal directed, improved her ability to focus on a task and complete it, and boosted her self-esteem!”   Cynthia R., mother

“This (Waldorf Action Martial Arts) program has been a great confidence builder for my daughter.  When she started her grades were down and so was her self-esteem.  Since being at Waldorf Action Martial Arts, Cami’s grades went to honor roll.  Her math grade went from a “D” to a “B”!  She is more sure of herself and others.  Cami has enjoyed her time at this school. Her respect of others and herself has risen to higher levels.”  Stacy G., mother

“Keenan’s first response is now mostly well-thought out.  Prior to training (at Waldorf Action Martial Arts) he spoke much too quickly without thinking.  He reasons with his situations very well and is well thought of as a leader amongst his school peers and family members.  This (Taekwondo) program has helped him focus much better on all his endeavors and he is not a quitter.  The obvious differences are muscle tone and body strength enhancement.  But I believe the most important lesson (that Keenan has learned at Waldorf Action Martial Arts) is (that) discipline, focus, and persistence. . .equals achievement!”   Sherie B., mother

“Being a student of Taekwondo has helped my self-esteem, my self-confidence, helped me learn how to treat and respect others, and helped me in my school work.  It has helped me overcome my disabilities and become a better person.”  David P., age 12

“When I started Taekwondo, I was 7 years old.. . . I joined Taekwondo mostly because of my mom and dad.  They thought it would be a good idea.  I did not think so then (I was really scared) but I really do (think it was a great idea) now.  The pride I have (in myself), how I have learned to do my best no matter what, and the respect and pride my mom and dad have in me. . .Taekwondo has helped me gain confidence, build my courage, build my spirit, and grow my heart.”  Joey D.,  age 9

“Another goal I set was to become a Black Belt Club member.  That meant I had to bring my grades up and keep them up. I have been working really hard on that.. . .  When I reached a goal, I would (then) set another one.  It felt really good to respect myself.  Respect myself? WOW! I was following (one of) the Tenets of Taekwondo!  I started to realize what it (Taekwondo) all Meant.”“…the teaching of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and respect for yourself and others are very important, and we shouldn’t forget that.  Respect is a very big word that everyone should practice.  Unfortunately, not everyone does.  If respect could be taught the way it has been taught to me , then maybe respect will win overall!”  Cami S., age 13

“I wanted to be a Power Ranger when I was 6.  I thought Taekwondo would teach me to beat up bad guys and learn how to jump and flip.  But I learned that (this) is not is not what Taekwondo is about.  From taking classes (at Waldorf Action Martial Arts) I learned Taekwondo is about (learning to have better) courtesy, integrity, self-control, perseverance, and indomitable spirit.  Taekwondo is about being a good person and doing what is right.  I learned that you have to do what is right, and not just do what your friends say.  I learned about not fighting, even when a bully is pushing you around.  (Instead) I learned how to talk to a bully and try to be his friend.  I learned that you shouldn’t fight if you do not have to.  But sometimes you might have to defend yourself.  I have learned to defend myself.”  Kalani M., age 9

“I learned (that) you have to respect yourself…to take care of your mind and your body.  You have to exercise, eat right, and don’t do (illegal) drugs” …Taekwondo has helped me to be a good person…it has taught me a lot of good things. Taekwondo is the way I live my life.”  “Taekwondo has given me the tools to be the best person I can be in every aspect of my life. Through the teachings of Taekwondo, I am understanding better what it means to ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’.   “My parents knew the philosophy of Taekwondo would be something I could use for the rest of my life.  The more I went, the more I understood that fighting was not the priority.  How to deal with life and life’s issues are.  Taekwondo taught me that you could do other things before fighting; that fighting is always the last choice.”  Keenan B., age 9

“Taekwondo has helped me understand the importance of showing people courtesy and respect. . . I have gained more integrity with my family and peers.  Taekwondo teaches me perseverance.  Perseverance is a quality I use at home, at school , and at Taekwondo.  Whatever you start, you need to finish.” “Before I even tried something I would say “I can’t do it”.  Now (since beginning Taekwondo) I say ‘I can do anything I put my mind, heart, and spirit in to’.”  Keenan B., age 9

“I have given a lot of hard work to Taekwondo. My (personal) philosophy is ‘When you feel like practicing, practice.  When you’re not sure, practice.  When you don’t feel like practicing, practice anyway.  The more you practice, the better you get at it and the better you get at it the more you enjoy doing it.’  So it pays off all the way around.  In the future, I will continue to practice the teachings of Taekwondo and use those teachings to help others achieve whatever it is that they want. Leading by example is the best contribution I can give (back) to Taekwondo! ”  Keenan B, age 9












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